Talks and teaching


  • Recognizing blends: First experiments with PYBOSSA, talk with Tanneke Schoonheim at enetCollect WG3&WG5 meeting Leiden, 24-25 October 2018 [pdf]
  • Thesis defense presentation┬áReconstructing language ancestry by performing word prediction, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 25-01-18 [pdf]
  • Talk Reconstructing language ancestry by performing word prediction at the workshop Phylogenetic Methods in Historical Linguistics, T├╝bingen, 29-03-17 [pdf]


Evolution of language and music 2017-2017 (BSc Psychobiology, UvA)

Teaching assistant, together with Bas Cornelissen.
Lecturers: dr. Jelle Zuidema and prof. dr. Henkjan Honing.
Course description